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We turn visitors into followers and followers into customers [users]

It is fair to say the web, and mobile, in particular, are driving today’s world and organisations who fail to not only recognise this but fail to create an effective digital strategy to thrive within it are being left behind. This is where we step in. Planet Web [Mobile] is where we live. We create beautiful digital experiences for you and your customers [users]

We work on the principle that great design can dictate the way in which you communicate and interact with your customers [users]. The experiences we create provide clear value to our clients and their customers [users] with both tangible and measurable results.

As devices evolve and the range of visual interfaces is ever increasing it is important to have complete control over your digitally published content. You need to deliver that content in a responsive, intuitive manner that provides the same user experience [UX] no matter what device or screen it is being viewed upon. By doing this you will create a dynamic user experience for your customers [users] that is relevant, useful and on-brand.

Remember marketing is not a department, its everything you do and it’s critical to get this message right in every customer [user] touch point and your website is a critical touch point that has to deliver. You only have a limited amount of time and screen real estate in which to capture their attention so you have to get it right.

Web design.

It is important that when designing websites you consider and plan the flow around the site and how visitors [users] enter and interact with it. At the design stage, we produce pixel perfect renderings for all areas of the site. this gives you and ourselves the opportunity to test drive site before a line of code is written. We can then adapt the design and structure quickly until we get to the point where we have a fully tested design that we know works and you are 100% happy with.


80% of all internet users now own a smartphone and Google says 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing and 40% visit a competitors site instead. The way in which people access the web is changing with a major swing towards mobile. It is critical that your content is served in an intuitive manner that creates a smooth experience for your customers [users]. In order to do that your website must be responsive, manipulating your content to fit the screen or device it is viewed on in order to provide the same experience each and every time.


All our websites come with a full back-end admin system or CMS (Content Management System) giving you full control over your site and its content. We always develop our sites in such a way that you can update most areas of your site with no code required. It is important to us that we provide our clients with a robust platform for their site as many come with detailed functionality such as booking systems, CRM's and Education Learning Systems to name a few.


Today content is king. It can literally make or break a business. It is critical that the content is clear, engaging, relevant and current while conforming to a conversion strategy and SEO compliant. Our content service as part of your Digital Support package takes care of this for you, increasing engagement and ultimately conversion.

We produce all required graphics, update text & media content, modify menu and page structures as needed.



48% of online shoppers have bought or spent more than planned when shopping online.

This just shows how a solid e-commerce platform & strategy can grow your business through cross-selling, up-selling and timely offers. Our Digital Support can help you develop this strategy and more importantly, manage it. Your Digital store is a very fluid dynamic environment that should react to customer [user] interactions and habits.





Your Digital Strategy involves deploying your content across a range of media and channels of communication such as Social and Email Marketing.

We integrate these online channels with your website to create real-time propagation of your content and dynamic targeting to enable regular messaging between you and your customers [users], keeping the conversation going.



We create websites with a wide range of functions.

Our Learning Management System platforms allow our clients to run and sell online courses, whether that's learning a language, undertaking a juicing diet or learning how to code, our system gives our the clients the tools to create, educate and grow great teaching platforms.


Digital strategy.

'Build it and they will come' simply doesn't work.

There is no point having a great website without an innovative strategy in place that takes into consideration your customer [user] behaviours, evolving technologies and your overall business goals. Any strategy should be a dynamic fluid thing and a Digital one even more so.

Our Digital Support will help you develop this strategy, manage and execute it taking into account all factors on a daily basis.




For every $92 dollars spent acquiring customers, only $1 is spent converting them. Top converting companies spend more than 5% of their budgets on optimization according to Adobe.

Do we need to say anymore? Our Digital Support services draw on our years of knowledge building digital experiences to ensure we improve your retention, engagement and conversion




30% of online shoppers say they would be likely to make a purchase from a social media network like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat. Our services help clients to engage visitors effectively. Your organisation must participate in the conversations that matter to visitors most to improve engagement. We will help you use owned, earned and paid media to reach these people and draw them in, creating powerful user databases where you can start to engage influencers, increase engagement, retention and ultimately conversion.

We build great web experiences.

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