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Wikipedia says.

Analytics is the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data.

We say it is a far more human part of your Digital Strategy than that. Yes, it provides you numbers, percentages and more but the real value, and skill lies in interpreting that data on a human level, understanding what your visitors, customer [users] are doing, their behavioural patterns, how they interact with your products and organisation. We do this on a daily basis.

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Google tracking is a key tool in your arsenal when tackling analytics.

One of the first things we do when we onboard new clients, is to check your tracking is performing correctly and delivering the correct data. It is surprising how many times 'tracking' is not set up correctly and is half, double or even triple tracking a website providing inaccurate snapshots of what really is going on. If this is then used as a key tool in developing dynamic strategies it can prove both costly and time-consuming.

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So you have killer products and a killer strategy. The whole aim is conversion. Conversion rate is often used as a KPI to review the effectiveness of E-commerce sites. When benchmarking conversion rate, we think it's important to explain to clients that they should go beyond headline conversion rates to segment conversion by different types of visitor [user].

By creating strong analytic processes we are able to measure conversion, identifying bottlenecks, cart abandonment and where conversion can be best maximised not only by channel but by visitor [user]

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Consumer data.

We collect and analyze consumer data to attract, engage and retain customers [users] as part of a broader customer relationship management strategy. We use this information to target relevant advertisements, offers and other products and services to consumers, as well as provide them with a personalized digital experience based on individual preferences.

We help you take advantage of the ubiquity and availability of user-level data. Your organisation needs to understand what really drives each customer [user] towards your brand or organisation and how these engagements with your customers [users] can keep your organisation or brand in frame.

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Return On Investment in marketing terms is a very tangible measure contributing to real business outcomes. Views, bounce rates, unique visitors etc... are all good indicators and necessary analytics in order to formulate strategies but the bottom line to your business is the ROI, are you really getting full-bang for your buck.

That said you should not pass off short-term, channel-specific ROI results as adequate data for informing a long-term budget or strategic business decision. It’s not. We help create realistic accurate measurement strategies that will keep you fully aware of results throughout the campaign curve.

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Behavioral data.

We understand consumer behaviour and recognise many of the common behavioural patterns that occur through the digital channels, more importantly, we have processes and systems that allow us to pull in real-time data and using our experience we can recognise new patterns and transitions in consumer attitudes. We use these systems and our experience to enhance your Digital Marketing Strategy ensuring your strategies are dynamic and relevant.



For every $92 dollars spent acquiring customers, only $1 is spent converting them. Top converting companies spend more than 5% of their budgets on optimization according to Adobe.

Do we need to say anymore? Our Digital Support services draw on our years of knowledge building digital experiences to ensure we improve your retention, engagement and conversion




Digital strategy.

'Build it and they will come' simply doesn't work.

There is no point having a great website without an innovative strategy in place that takes into consideration your customer [user] behaviours, evolving technologies and your overall business goals. Any strategy should be a dynamic fluid thing and a Digital one even more so.

Our Digital Support will help you develop this strategy, manage and execute it taking into account all factors on a daily basis.


Understand your customers better.

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